10 Best Destinations
For Vegans

Vegan Vacations

Travelling as a vegan can be extremely hard. If you cook for yourself in your hostel, you can make things a little easier. But navigating eating out can be a struggle. Some countries even have difficulty even recognizing vegetarianism. However, many destinations are well-suited to the vegan lifestyle.

Austin, Texas

If you think of vegan-friendly places in the US, you might consider somewhere trendy like Portland, Oregon. However, Austin was named the most vegan-friendly city in the country by PETA in 2013. Pretty surprising for a state that's so big on BBQ!

Portland, Oregon

Okay, so Portland does actually have a pretty good vegan scene. Its reputation as a laid-back, hippy city is proof of its community of healthy eaters. You won't find a shortage of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, like the Portobello Vegan Trattoria.


If you're looking for a mix of refined and down-to-Earth, Singapore is the place to be. Their excellent selection of vegan cuisine contains influences from China, India, and Malaysia. Fans of tofu will enjoy exploring the Singaporean and Malay food.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei has plenty of vegetarian food to try, and it should be easy to spot the vegan options. The city has various places offering Taoist or Buddhist food. You'll find it easier to navigate what's on offer if you learn a couple of symbols to look out for.

Chennai, India

As a large country with a large population, India has a diverse range of cuisines. It's well-known for being vegetarian-friendly. Chennai is one of the best cities to try your luck. Look for "pure veg", which indicates there are neither eggs nor meat.

Mumbai, India

Mumbai is another Indian destination that's great for backpackers on the hunt for vegan food. The city has the largest vegetarian population in the world. However, you do need to be careful to avoid dairy. Luckily, there is a huge range of vegetarian food. So finding vegan options is still relatively easy.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai has a large Buddhist population, meaning there's plenty of vegetarian food. There's also a range of vegan options, both in vegan restaurants and on the menu at other eateries.

London, England

London is a diverse city, with cuisine from all over the world. With its large South Asian communities, you can easily find a vegan curry. There are traditional and contemporary options for both vegetarians and vegans.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

There's no shortage of vegetarian and vegan food in various parts of Asia. Like many other places, Malaysia is a melting pot of different ethnicities and cultures. In Kuala Lumpur, you'll find food from China, India, Indonesia, and more. The city has almost a hundred vegan restaurants.

Vancouver, BC

Canadians don't have to leave the country is they're looking for vegan cuisine. Vancouver has a great food scene, including plenty of vegan options. For example, Indigo Food Cafe is the place to go for raw vegans. If you're worried about finding food when you travel, you just have to pick the right destination. Of course, cooking for yourself will ensure you eat and save you money too.