10 Best Travel Apps

These apps are fantastic

Technology has improved every aspect of our lives. Apps, in particular, make the world and traveling through it more fun. Whether you want to share pics and vids of a recent destination or find more information about where you are, these apps are fantastic



An obvious one for sure but no less fun and impressive. We bet you didn’t know that the filters change based on your location. So, if you’re in Las Vegas, you can make money fall from the sky around you! Accounts like Travel Sassy also provide you with some great info about where you are and what there is to do.



Do you have a furry friend that you want to take on your travels with you? Travelling isn’t always easy for pet lovers. But this cool app tells you where you can walk them and even places that allow dogs to stay in local hostels.



You don’t always have an internet connection. Particularly if when you travel you like to go backpacking. CityMaps2Go has over seven thousand maps that you can download before you travel. You’ll always know where you are, even if you don’t have access to the web.



Don’t you hate it when language barriers stop you from truly experiencing a destination? This little app will help you leave the popular locations and explore by yourself. Great if you’re traveling solo, you’ll have access to common phrases no matter what the local language is. That should keep you out of trouble on your travels due to miscommunication.



If you are constantly on the go, traveling the world, TripCase is the app for you. You’ll be able to book and keep multiple flights and hotels all in one place. Once you have booked a flight, it will be available in the app, ready to use for check in



Are you constantly worried about whether you’re going to make a flight on time? The app will tell you how long it will take to get through security, what gate your flights on and if there are any delays. Using this device, you’ll never be late for a flight again.



Forget booking travel plans yourself. This fun app will do it for you and is the future of booking a holiday. You can get flights, a hostel booking and transport at the destination arranged in seconds. Using a mixture of AI and an actual travel agent this is one of the fastest ways to book a vacation.



Don’t you just hate it when people in airports head into exclusive lounges? Well now, you can be one of them. This app will tell you which lounges you can gain access to based on your cards and details. It will also give you info on lounges that you can access if you want to pay. Say hello to the lifestyle of the elite!



FairFly is all about ensuring that you get the best price for your flights. If you’re worried you are overpaying for airfares, this app will check your flight for you. It will compare all the deals currently available so you can refund and get the best available.

Mobile Passport


Finally, make Immigration a breeze with a mobile passport. A quick selfie, an easy to fill out the form and you’ll never have to show your actual passport again. It’s so simple; we think more people should be using it.