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Of the wide variety of travel destinations in Asia, Singapore is arguably among the most affluent. It is a leading hub for both finance and transportation The result is a city which feels like a trip through Asia. In one moment a traveler can experience Chinese culture in Chinatown, Indian culture in Little India, and Thai culture in the Geylang district among others. This is complemented with a strong Malay culture throughout the island.


Prices in Singapore can be high, but the extravagent malls are a favorite with tourists. Among the hottest in the city is Ion Orchard. This mall features famous chefs, concierges, and a building design which is the rival of the top contemporary architectures. The mall includes art exhibitions and stores such as Crate and Barrel, but is dominated by fashion. Runway fashion is particularly popular and well represented.


With a wide array of cultures, Singapore enjoys a restaurant scene which is hard to rival. I is estimated there are over 20,000 eateries in the city. Not only can a traveler enjoy the cuisines of each culture, they can enjoy the overlapping influences each culture's cuisine has over the others. This is particularly true of the use of spices, with Indian, Chinese and Malay spices being particularly popular crossovers. A restaurant which is a favorite is Iggy's at the Hilton Hotel. The food selection is influenced by a variety of cultures, including Japan, Australia, and Europe among others.


Singapore is often considered a garden within a garden. There are walks which are several kilometers long (17 for the Punggol Promenade) which go through parks and natural reserves. Tours also are offered which go into these areas, the jungles, gardens and the zoo. A particularly interesting tour to take is safari at nighttime. A traveler can find options which are simply the jungle or include a river safari as well. Singapore is a top pick among Asian destinations. Its combination of city and natural aspects makes it unique from other city destinations, and its cultural diversity makes it possible to visit several "countries" in a single stop.

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