5 Great Waterfront Cities

Great food, music, nature and architecture

Most of the world’s greatest cities are located near to the waterfront. But this isn’t by accident. Traditionally, the sea was the main route by which traders transported their goods. And so it was only natural that people congregated around natural harbors to do business. Clearly, the world has changed a lot since ancient times. But that does not mean that coastal cities have lost their spirit. On the contrary, waterfront cities tend to be the most vibrant in the world. And it’s all because they’re exchange hubs trading ideas, culture, and money. Here are five great waterfront cities to visit.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is perhaps the best example of the Asian economic miracle in action. Back in the 1960s, Hong Kong was little more than a small island town with a few lesser known banks. Now it’s a global commercial headquarters with dozens of gleaming skyscrapers. Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Sitting under Victoria Peak, it’s seven million people have to cram into a tiny bay area, forcing the city to rise into the sky. From the pictures, it may appear as if the city doesn’t play host to many outdoor activities. But backpacking opportunities abound once you leave low-lying areas and head into the mountains.


Vancouver is world-famous for its stunning natural beauty and cosmopolitan population. The city is home to a myriad of exciting and unique attractions. Perhaps one of the most exciting is Granville Island. On the island, there is a bustling market, home to some of the best food experiences in the whole of Canada. Also, if you love authentic Chinese cuisine, be sure to check out the city’s Chinatown.

Rio De Janeiro

Now that the Olympics are over, many of us now know much more about Rio De Janiero. But unless you’ve actually been there, you haven’t truly experienced it. The city is home to a staggering 23 beaches, all of which looking out onto the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. That’s great news for people who love to lounge on a beautiful beach. If indulging in a party atmosphere is more your bag, make sure you visit during the Rio Carnival season. Hotel rooms, however, don’t come cheap. So you might want to consider staying in a hostel instead

Cape Town

Few cities in the world can claim to have the history and natural beauty of Cape Town. From the stunning Tabletop Mountain to the city’s stylish beaches, this is a fantastic place to explore. In the city itself, there are plenty of amusements for visitors, including the Two Oceans Aquarium

San Francisco

San Francisco is perhaps at the top of what most people consider to be the perfect waterfront city. Here the Golden Gate bridge perfectly frames the picture-perfect beauty of the Bay Area. The city itself is home to some amazing tourist hotspots. There is, of course, the world famous and historic Ferry Building for those wanting to dine in front of the bay. There’s the Exploratorium too - a Mecca for science lovers. Finally, there’s ample opportunity to have an authentic, dockside experience. Take a trip to Hyde Street Pier and watch shipbuilders make boats and crew old, rigged ships.